General information

  • One-way rental cars for 1 euro - how is that possible?

    The Movacar offers are so-called transfer trips of renowned car rental providers. Background: Car rental companies constantly have to optimally align their fleet with the car rental stations and move the cars from A to B. As a rule, paid driving services are commissioned for the transfer journeys, which is very time-consuming and expensive. With Movacar, you take on a one-way trip with the rental car from A to B and receive your rental car almost for free - for a simple euro!

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  • Who can take advantage of this offer?

    The following conditions apply to use the 1-euro rental car:

    • Minimum age 18 years (with some providers only from 21 years)
    • Valid driving licence for at least one year
    • Credit card in the name of the driver for the deposit (with some providers an ec-card is sufficient)

    Some rental companies have special conditions for young drivers under 23 years of age, such as a higher excess or a young driver fee. You will find the exact conditions in the respective offer.

  • How do I search and find a €1 rental car on Movacar?

    In the Movacar app and on the website, you will see an overview map with all available pick-up locations. Alternatively, you can use the input fields to search for specific pick-up locations and destinations to quickly find a specific car hire offer. Please note that our trips are often only available for a short time, as our offer depends on the transfer trips that are posted by the rental companies

  • What do I do if I have not found a suitable ride?

    The Movacar route alert notifies you when your route is available.

    How to activate the Movacar route alert:

    1. Click on the link „Set up route alert“ or on the bell symbol - e.g. at the top right of the website
    2. Enter the desired departure point (preferably without time restrictions and drop-off point)
    3. Click Save
    4. Click on the link in the confirmation email to confirm your email address and activate the route alert.

    Done! You will be notified as soon as rides are available for you.

  • How do I set up a Movacar user account?

    In the app: After opening the app for the first time, you will see the login screen. If you don't have a user account yet, click below on "Create an account".

    On the web: Click on "Login" and then on "Register"„Register“.

    After your registration you will receive an e-mail. Click on the link in the confirmation e-mail. That's it! After logging in again, you will see your account, you can set up route alerts and you no longer have to no longer have to enter your details twice when booking! Tip: to see your booking in the app, you must create an account before create an account before booking.

Book & Pay

  • How exactly does the booking of the 1-Euro rental car work?
    • Select the desired offer and click on "Book".
    • Enter your booking details and the desired payment method. Tip: If you create a Movacar user account, you do not have to re-enter the data for your next booking.
    • A credit card is required to pay the Movacar agency fee, but it does not have to be in your name. We are working on offering other payment options such as Paypal soon.
    • After a successful booking, you will receive a booking confirmation from us by e-mail to present to the car rental company (please check your spam folder!).😉
    • Bring the booking confirmation, your ID, driving licence and credit card with you at the agreed time of rental. With some rental companies, the deposit can also be paid by debit or credit card.
    • Please remember to return the rental vehicle to the destination on time and with the same fuel level as agreed, because the next customer is already waiting.
  • How do I pay?

    A credit card is required to pay the 1€ Movacar agency fee, but it does not necessarily have to be in the name of the renter. Your credit card details will not be stored by Movacar and will only be used for the one-time payment process.

    For the deposit, most providers require a credit or debit card in the name of the renter, which must be presented at pick-up. For particularly high-value rental cars, you may be asked to bring two credit cards as security. Further information can be found on the website of the respective provider.

    Extras and services that are not included in the Movacar offer are paid for directly by the car rental company.

    For some one-way rental offers at regular rates, payment is only made directly to the rental company upon collection. This is indicated in the booking process.

    In all other respects, the General Rental Terms and Conditions of the Rental car Company shall apply..

  • What extras can I choose when booking with Movacar?

    Movacar Carefree Package: includes a deductible insurance (SBÜV) and a passenger accident insurance (IUV) through our insurance partner Berlin Direkt Versicherung. With the SBÜV, you will be reimbursed by the insurance company for the excess in the event of a claim and with the IUV, all passengers receive insurance cover in the event of something happening. With the booking confirmation you will receive the insurance policy and all information about the insurance cover.

    Free cancellation: for a one-time surcharge of 5 euros, you can book the "Free Cancellation" extra. Cancellation is then free of charge in any case, the cancellation fee of 50€ is waived.

    Background: In case of cancellation of a 1€ booking within 24 hours before rental, we charge a cancellation fee of 50€, as in this case a short-term alternative for the vehicle transfer would have to be found. Non-collection of the rental car is also considered a cancellation.

  • What happens if I have to cancel a trip?

    Don't worry: Cancellation is free of charge for all reservations up to 24 hours before rental. Please use the cancellation link in your booking confirmation. We will then notify the car rental company for you.

    If a booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the rental date, we charge a cancellation fee of 50€, as in this case a short-term alternative must be found for the vehicle transfer. Non-collection of the rental car is also considered a cancellation.

    Tip: When booking, you can book the extra "Free cancellation" for a one-time surcharge of €5. Cancellation is then free of charge in any case, the cancellation fee of 50€ is waived.

    Important: The cancellation fee does not apply to bookings at the normal rate.

Overview of costs

  • All costs and possible extra costs transparent at a glance

    Movacar: The Movacar agency fee for your rental car is usually a single euro and not a cent more.

    Deposit: The car rental company requires a deposit, the amount of which may vary from offer to offer. The amount is blocked on the driver's credit card and released after the car is returned. With some rental companies, it is also possible to pay the deposit using an EC or debit card. Please inform yourself about this possibility on the website of the provider. A cash deposit is not possible with any rental company.

    Insurance - The rental offers include liability insurance and basic insurance cover with an excess in the event of damage. With some providers, you can reduce the excess at collection for an additional charge. Alternatively, you can book the Movacar Carefree Package with many offers. This includes excess insurance and passenger accident insurance.

    Additional driver: Many offers include an additional driver free of charge. If you do not find any information about additional drivers, ask the rental company when you pick up your car.

    Child seat, navigation etc.: Special equipment can be booked with many providers for an additional charge. For availability, please contact the provider directly.

    Fuel: Depending on the refuelling regulations, fuel costs are reimbursed in full or in part for some offers. You can find out whether and to what extent fuel costs are reimbursed in the section "Refuelling regulations".

    Over kilometres: Additional kilometres beyond the free kilometres included in the offer will be charged at the valid rate of the car rental company.

    Late return: If the rental car is returned late and/or not at the agreed drop-off location, the car rental company will incur additional costs. If the car is not returned as agreed, the rental company may charge you additional fees.

    Other costs: Depending on the car hire company, additional costs may also be incurred, e.g. for tolls, vignette, ferry and operating fluids such as AdBlue etc. Please always check the respective conditions of the provider, e.g. in the case of AdBlue for roadsurfer camper vans: For 1 Euro camper vans, there is no obligation to top up with AdBlue. If AdBlue needs to be topped up, it will be refunded in the same way as the 1st tank. For the 99 Euro Rallyes neither the petrol nor AdBlue is included.

Pick up and drive

  • What do I have to pay attention to when picking up and dropping off the rental car?

    Make sure that the condition of the rental car is correctly noted on the rental contract. A mobile phone photo of any damage, fuel level and mileage will help you to document the condition of the car when you rent it.

  • How much time do I have for my trip?

    The maximum hire period is displayed in each offer. It is usually at least 24 hours, but can be up to 96 hours for longer distances. With Camper Van Rally offers, you can drive the camper van for a maximum of 7 days for an additional charge.

  • How many kilometres am I allowed to drive?

    All 1€ offers include free kilometres depending on the distance from A to B and are displayed in every offer. The free kilometres are generously calculated so that you can comfortably reach your destination even with a small diversions.

    The costs for any additional kilometres must be borne by you. They are shown in each offer.

  • What happens if the rental car is damaged?

    The rental offers include basic insurance cover with an excess in the event of damage. With some providers, you can reduce the excess at collection for an additional charge. The amount of the excess varies depending on the vehicle class and provider and is shown in the respective offer. The exact regulation in the event of damage depends on the rental conditions of the provider.

    Tip: Alternatively, you can book the Movacar Carefree Package with many offers. This includes a deductible insurance (SBÜV) and a passenger accident insurance (IUV), which we offer in cooperation with our insurance partner Berlin Direkt Versicherung. With the SBÜV, you will be reimbursed by the insurance company for the excess in the event of a claim and with the IUV, all passengers receive insurance cover in the event of something happening.

Refuelling rules

  • Who pays for the fuel?

    Depending on the provider, there are different refuelling regulations, which are displayed in each offer. You will also find the detailed regulations that apply to you in your booking confirmation.

    The three most common refuelling rules are:

    • Full/full with fuel refund: The vehicle is handed over with a full tank of petrol and must be returned with a full tank. Movacar will reimburse a maximum of the refuelling costs for the transfer distance. Depending on the vehicle type, the fuel consumption guideline for reimbursement is 10 litres (car) to 15 litres (camper van) per 100 km. In the booking confirmation you will find a link to upload the refuelling the fuel receipt and your bank details for the refund.
    • 1st tank included with tank refund: The vehicle is handed over with a full tank of petrol and must be returned with a full tank. The fuel costs for a maximum of one tank of petrol will be reimbursed by Movacar. The maximum tank capacity to be reimbursed depends on the vehicle type. For campervans vans the guide value is 70 litres, for cars 50 litres. In the booking confirmation you will find a link to upload the fuel receipt and to enter your bank details for the refund.
    • Fuel not included: Fuel costs are not covered and the fuel used must be refuelled fuel must be refuelled at your own expense.
    • Fuel included without refuelling: The fuel for the transfer route is included. The vehicle is handed over with a full tank of petrol and does not have to be returned full. you do not have to refuel on return. The rental company does not charge a refuelling fee. Should refuelling refuelling is necessary on the route, please contact our support team at [email protected].


  • Can I return the rental car to the drop-off station outside opening hours?

    Experience has shown that it is always safer to hand over a rental car to a member of staff within opening hours, as you as the customer are usually responsible for the condition of the vehicle until a member of staff from the car rental company has checked it in.

    Most car rental companies have key safes at their stations for out-of-hours drop-off. If your planned drop-off date is outside opening hours, we recommend that you call the rental company beforehand to check whether this is possible. You will find the telephone numbers of the drop-off stations in your booking confirmation.

    Please note: Some providers do not have stations. With these, pick-up and drop-off is usually done by a phone call within certain times or via the provider's app.

  • What happens if I do not return the rental car to the agreed destination on time?

    We can only offer the one-way rental for 1€ because it is advantageous for all parties. If the rental car is not returned to the agreed destination on time, the car rental company will incur additional costs, which is why a deposit is reserved on your credit card by the provider when you rent the car. If everything goes as agreed, the deposit is usually released by the rental company a few days after the car has been delivered.

    If there are any delays in the drop-off, we recommend that you inform the provider in a timely manner. You will find the contact numbers in your booking confirmation.

Mietwagen für 1 Euro von Movacar

Mietwagen überführen: Mit Movacar fährst du einen Mietwagen praktisch kostenlos

Steigende Mietwagenpreise und Spritkosten werden für viele Reisende, die einen Mietwagen günstig buchen möchten immer mehr zum Problem. Gerade in den letzten Monaten sind die Preise bei Autovermietungen immer weiter gestiegen. Kann man also überhaupt noch günstig Mietwagen fahren? Die Antwort lautet: Ja, mit Movacar!

Movacar bietet billige Einweg Mieten: Der Mietwagen kostet nur 1 Euro!

Ein einfacher Trick, wie du billiger als gewöhnlich an einen Mietwagen kommst ist, für Autovermietungen ein Auto von A nach B - also One Way - zu überführen. Autovermietungen haben die Herausforderung, dass sie oft ihre Autos von einer Station an eine andere Station überführen müssen. Diese Überführungsfahrten sind für die Autoverleiher aber sehr kostspielig. Sie sind deshalb sehr daran interessiert, Fahrer zu finden die die Überführungsfahrt als Reiseoption nutzen wollen!

Mietwagen überführen fast kostenlos: Movacar bietet 1 Euro Mietwagenfahrten

Wenn du als Fahrerin oder Fahrer eine Überführungsfahrt übernehmen möchtest, wirst du auf movacar.de oder in der Movacar App fündig.

Das Prinzip unserer billigen 1 Euro Mietwagen ist ganz einfach:

  • Mit Movacar buchst du einen Mietwagen immer als Einwegmiete. Dein Oneway-Mietwagen bringt dich komfortabel A nach B.
  • Du holst das Auto an der gewählten Mietwagen-Station ab und bringst es innerhalb der vereinbarten Zeit zur Abgabe-Station des Autovermieters.
  • Der Mietwagen ist praktisch kostenlos. Du bezahlst nur einen Euro für das Auto.
  • Bei der 1 Euro Miete werden oft sogar die Benzinkosten teilweise oder komplett übernommen.

Movacar Streckenalarm: Keine 1 Euro Fahrt mehr verpassen

Wenn du in der Movacar App oder online deine gewünschte Mietwagen Strecke nicht finden kannst, dann stelle den Streckenalarm ein. Du erhältst dann immer eine Nachricht, wenn Angebote ab einem gewünschten Ort verfügbar sind.

Movacar: Deine Fahrt schafft eine echte Win Win Situation

Wenn du den fast kostenlosen Mietwagen von Movacar nutzt, spart die Autovermietung einen teuren Transport. Und auch die Umwelt steht auf der Gewinnerseite. Denn es ist nachhaltig, den Mietwagen für eine echte Fahrt zu nutzen, anstelle mit einer überflüssigen Überführungsfahrt die Umwelt zu belasten.

Wie läuft die Einweg Miete für 1€ bei Movacar genau ab?

Die Mietwagenbuchung funktioniert sehr einfach. Auf movacar.de und in der Movacar App siehst du, auf welchen One Way Strecken Mietwagen verfügbar sind und kannst die Fahrt unkompliziert für 1€ buchen. Du erhältst von uns eine Buchungsbestätigung und kannst deinen Mietwagen zum vereinbarten Zeitpunkt an der Station abholen.

Innerhalb Deutschlands hast du in der Regel 24 Stunden Zeit, das Fahrzeug an die Abgabestation zu überführen. Wenn du einen Camper mietest, verlängert sich der Zeitraum auf den Strecken innerhalb Europas sogar auf bis zu drei Tage.

Wichtig: Bringe Führerschein, Kreditkarte und Ausweis zur Anmietung mit. In der Reservierung sind genügend Inklusiv-Kilometer enthalten, so dass du den Zielort bequem erreichen kannst. Durch das in der Anmietung enthaltene Schutzpaket bist du im Schadenfall abgesichert. Die Selbstbeteiligung kannst du auf Wunsch beim Vermieter gegen Aufpreis reduzieren.

Außer der Movacar Einwegmiete von 1€ können Zusatzkosten für das Benzin anfallen. Je nach Anbieter ist dies unterschiedlich geregelt. Viele Anbieter bezahlen einen Teil oder sogar die kompletten Benzinkosten. Die genaue Regelung wird direkt im Angebot auf unserer Plattform angezeigt. Benötigst du weitere Optionen wie ein Navigationssystem oder einen Kindersitz, so kannst du das direkt vor Ort mit der Autovermietung dazu buchen.

Reisen mit Movacar - die bequemste Reiseoption von A nach B

Movacar bietet dir komfortable und flexible One Way Städteverbindungen, die Bus, Bahn und Mitfahrgelegenheit nicht bieten können. Zu einem äußerst günstigen und attraktiven Preis kannst du mit einem Mietwagen die gewünschte Strecke zurücklegen - und das alles zum absoluten Sparpreis!

Die Movacar Mietwagen werden oft in den Städten Bielefeld, Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Kiel, Köln, Leipzig, München, Nürnberg und Stuttgart angeboten. Die genauen Angebote sind jederzeit auf unserer Webseite und in der Movacar App ersichtlich. Sollte das gewünschte Angebot nicht verfügbar sein, kannst du einen Streckenalarm abonnieren, der dich bei Verfügbarkeit deiner Wunsch Strecke sofort informiert.

Weshalb Movacar?

Hast du einen Umzug in eine andere Stadt geplant oder musst du etwas Größeres transportieren? Dann ist ein Einwegmietwagen von Movacar genau das Richtige für dich. Für 1 € steht dir ein passendes Fahrzeug zur Verfügung und du musst dich nicht darum kümmern, es wieder zur Anmietstation zu bringen.

Bist du mit viel Gepäck auf dem Weg zum Flughafen oder reist du zu einem ungünstigen Zeitpunkt? Auch dann ist ein Einwegmietwagen von Movacar genau richtig. Du kannst das Fahrzeug bereits im Voraus buchen und siehst, ob zum gewünschten Zeitpunkt ein geeigneter billiger Mietwagen verfügbar ist.

Das Angebot ist auch bei Paaren in einer Fernbeziehung beliebt. Auch da bietet Movacar eine günstige Möglichkeit, spontan das Schätzchen zu besuchen. Gerade junge Leute, die ab und zu mal auf ein Fahrzeug angewiesen sind, kommen mit diesem Angebot auf ihre Kosten. Die Einwegmietwagen sind im Voraus buchbar und alle verfügbaren Strecken und Zeiten sind auf der Webseite oder in der App für iOs und Android ersichtlich.

Auch wer einfach einmal einen besonderen Fahrzeugtyp, wie zum Beispiel ein sportliches Auto oder ein Cabriolet fahren möchte, fährt gut mit Movacar. Dein einziger Auftrag ist es, den Mietwagen zum vereinbarten Zeitpunkt an den Zielort zu überführen - und dafür bezahlst du nur einen einzigen Euro!

Car rental for 1 Euro from Movacar

Transfer a rental car: With Movacar, you can drive a rental car practically free of charge.

Rising car rental prices and fuel costs are becoming more and more of a problem for many travellers who want to book a cheap rental car. Especially in the last few months, car rental prices have continued to rise. So is it still possible to rent a car cheaply at all? The answer is: Yes, with Movacar!

Movacar offers cheap one-way rentals: The rental car costs only 1 Euro!

A simple trick to get a rental car cheaper than usual is to transfer a car from A to B - one way - for car rental companies. Car rental companies have the challenge that they often have to transfer their cars from one station to another. However, these transfer trips are very costly for car rental companies. They are therefore very interested in finding drivers who want to use the transfer trip as a travel option!

Transferring rental cars almost free of charge: Movacar offers 1 euro rental car rides

If you would like to take over a transfer as a driver, you will find what you are looking for on movacar.de or in the Movacar App.

The principle of our cheap 1 Euro rental cars is quite simple:

  • With Movacar, you always book a rental car as a one-way rental. Your one-way rental car takes you comfortably from A to B.
  • You pick up the car at the selected car rental station and bring it to the car rental company's drop-off station within the agreed time.
  • The rental car is practically free. You only pay one euro for the car.
  • In the case of the 1 Euro rent, often even the petrol costs are partially or completely covered.

Movacar route alert: never miss a 1 euro ride again

If you can't find your desired car rental route in the Movacar app or online, set the route alert. You will then always receive a message when offers are available from a desired location.

Movacar: Your ride creates a real win-win situation

When you use Movacar's almost free car hire, the car rental company saves on expensive transport. And the environment is also on the winning side. Because it is sustainable to use the rental car for a real trip instead of polluting the environment with a superfluous transfer trip.

How does the one-way rental for 1€ at Movacar work exactly?

Booking a rental car is very easy. On movacar.com and in the Movacar app, you can see on which One Way routes rental cars are available and you can easily book the trip for 1€. You will receive a booking confirmation from us and can pick up your rental car at the station at the agreed time.

Within Germany, you generally have 24 hours to transfer the vehicle to the drop-off station. If you rent a camper van, the period is extended to up to three days on routes within Europe.

Important: Bring your driver's licence, credit card and ID with you to the rental. The reservation includes enough inclusive kilometres for you to reach your destination comfortably. The protection package included in the rental fee covers you in the event of damage or loss. If you wish, you can reduce the excess with the rental company for an additional charge.

Apart from the Movacar one-way rental of 1€, there may be additional costs for petrol. This is regulated differently depending on the provider. Many providers pay part or even all of the petrol costs. The exact arrangement is shown directly in the offer on our platform. If you need additional options such as a navigation system or a child seat, you can book these directly with the car rental company.

Travelling with Movacar - the most convenient travel option from A to B

Movacar offers you comfortable and flexible one-way city connections that bus, train and carpooling cannot offer. At an extremely affordable and attractive price, you can travel the desired route with a rental car - and all that at an absolute savings price!

Movacar rental cars are often offered in the cities of Bielefeld, Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Kiel, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart. The exact offers can be seen at any time on our website and in the Movacar app. If the desired offer is not available, you can subscribe to a route alarm, which will inform you immediately when your desired route is available.

Why Movacar?

Have you planned a move to another city or do you need to transport something larger? Then a one-way rental car from Movacar is just what you need. For €1, you'll have a suitable vehicle at your disposal and you don't have to worry about bringing it back to the rental station.

Are you on your way to the airport with a lot of luggage or are you travelling at an inconvenient time? Then a one-way car rental from Movacar is just right for you. You can book the car in advance and see if a suitable cheap rental car is available at the desired time.

The offer is also popular with couples in a long-distance relationship. Here, too, Movacar offers an inexpensive way to spontaneously visit the sweetheart. Especially young people who need a vehicle from time to time get their money's worth with this offer. The one-way rental cars can be booked in advance and all available routes and times can be seen on the website or in the app for iOs and Android.

Even those who simply want to drive a special type of vehicle, such as a sporty car or a convertible, will do well with Movacar. Your only job is to deliver the rental car to the destination at the agreed time - and for that you only pay a single euro!